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How Axis Bank Private Equity Services Is Shaping the Lives of Businesses

Axis Bank, formerly known as UTI Bank, is one of the trusted banks in India with over a vast network of 4094 branches and 12,922 ATMs. Since its foundation in 1993, the bank attracted a lot of customers and is still a preferred choice for many individuals. It’s quality services, products, and experience has helped many businesses and families fulfill their goals. 

Axis values its customers and leaves no stone unturned to meet their requirements. Operating within the country and overseas, the bank has the largest network of ATMs in the country. It is the only bank in India that has set-up ATM at one of the world’s highest sites Thegu, Sikkim. If you want to send money, you only need to know the IFSC Bank code and all done. From corporate banking, investment, trade finance, the bank offers a wide range of services and has three main subsidiaries to assist businesses of all sizes.

Axis Bank Subsidiaries

Private Equity: Axis Private Equity Ltd. was incorporated in India as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the bank on 3 October 2006 and received its certificate of commencement on 4 December 2006. APE is in the business of managing investments, venture capital funds, and offshore fundsx.

Axis Capital LTD: It includes four direct subsidiaries, Axis Securities LTD, Axis Finance LTD., Axis Securities Europe LTD., Enam International LTD.

Axis Securities LTD: It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axis and deals in asset products, retail broking.

The bank has simplified the financial needs of many businesses through its products and services, and Private Equity is one of them. So, companies looking to raise equity / quasi-equity from investors can get expert advice from our professionals and solve complex financial problems without any risk. 

Considering all the major factors, Axis bank offers optimal solutions that ensure a risk-free partnership and business escalation. 

Here Why You Should Choose Axis Bank Private Equity Services

Connections With Leading Investors: To give you the best services, the team has good relationships with market-leading PE investors. The Fund managers suggest the best decisions on over 150 domestic and international funds. 

Full-update of Market: Axis has a team of experienced individuals who have expertise in major industries and know how the market will change after a slight alteration. From the latest market developments to change in the investment strategies, Axis is always up to date to offer clients the best services possible in minimal time.

Implementation: At Axis, they have a strong record of implementing services like equity and structured instrument transactions. We do it all and research the best services possible to bring the best of your business.

Cater to All Industries: Axis Bank has strong connections and works with all types of businesses from MNC’s, mid-corporate, and Small & Medium Enterprises. 

So, make the best decision and ensure great deals with private equity end-to-end advisory services from Axis and scale up your business to new heights.

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